Kung Pao Shrimp and shark’s fin stewed ducks

Kung Pao Shrimp

“Material and dosage”

Shrimp 750 green, pea 1003E egg, white three components one, tablespoon of chestnut powder grams, powder flavor, salt, amount. sugar

“Production and description”

(1) fresh shrimp shell, to pick black sausage, with two tablespoons of sugar, salt and a half spoon to stir until shrimp Chan, to be pickled for 20 minutes wash dry with a cloth water, chicken protein, horseshoe powder, flavor powder, salt, sugar and pepper etc. mix well.

(2) 500 grams of cooked oil, simmer down to just cooked shrimp soak out, pour boiling oil, put the beans. Fall down just cooked flavor sauce, bubble of shrimp, stir fry the dish, Kung Pao Shrimp became.


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Shark’s fin stewed ducks

“Material and dosage”

A big duck, fin 300 grams, 25 grams of ham meat, ginger, onions, etc. the amount of wine.


“Production and description”

 (1) Teal gutted, washed down the boiling water inside the “flying water”, that is picked up soaked in cold water, Lek 1000 (this approach is enable Teal blood sewage as, also could make a good stew soup, refreshing, good taste).

(2) the wing, which is a good wet wing. Onion ginger oil lock, falling water, wet down the wing “simmer”.

(3) pork is cut into several small thick pieces, sliced ham, prepared a big stew, put down the wings, duck, pork and ham, plus 4 slices of ginger, a little wine, and 80% of full water injection, original cup across the boiling stew about 4 hours serve.