Fried pork with bamboo shoots


Fried bamboo shoots

“Material and dosage”

Winter bamboo shoots 650 grams, 5 fresh mushrooms, kelp 500 grams, 100 grams of carrots, peas, small numbe

“Production and description”

(1) to remove the bamboo shoots shell, go to the net and old leather, become tender bamboo shoots meat, cut edge, put boiling water to a rolling boil, drain and cut into small pieces, placed in the oil in a wok fry.

(2) soak mushrooms, wash to the pedicle, filled with bowl, oil, salt and some cooked first.

(3) the meat is washed and cut into two pieces, and each piece of the tape is cut into pieces. Flour mixed with salt.

(4) Landou picked, carrot is ready, all the ingredients to stir fry.

(5) the tape down meat cooked inside the bubble boiling oil drain. Prepare a small bowl of taste after adjusting the pan Qian, then fried into a material.




Taro braised pork stew

“Material and dosage”

Taro 750 grams, 500 grams of pork meat, a South milk, 500 grams of lettuce, two star anise 

“Production and description”

(1) Li Riverside taro, peeled, cut into uniform thickness domino type, deep frying.

(2) belly scraping hair net, under the boiling water and tumble, which picked up evenly down the boiling oil in soy sauce, fried. Be careful when fried, because by boiling oil fried pigskin, splashes of boiling oil. Up until the meat fried until brown, cut into small pieces.

(3) garlic, South milk wok, put down the belly meat stir, down two bowls of water, add star anise and deliberate flavor powder, sugar, salt, soy sauce and cook for a moment. Picked up the belly meat, to be slightly cold, with a large bowl, buckle clamp taro and preserved meat (skin to the bottom of the bowl, namely two pieces of taro folder with a belly meat), such as is all buckle clip, note the southern milk, the original bowl enthalpy stew.

(4) lettuce Cheuk cooked saucer bottom, rou enough enthalpy, the original bowl upside down in lettuce dish, take to the bowl, juice, tune into a thin pour gravy, finally add sesame oil, cooked oil is.