Cola Chicken Wings

Material: chicken wings 8, 1 bottles of coke, oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger, aniseed, onion, green onions

Ready for raw materials

1.  In the 1 wing opposite oblique knife a few respectively. The purpose is better and tasty to xuemo.

Chicken wings

2.  pot sitting water, add cold water pot handle wings, and pour some wine, boil the fire.

Chicken wings

3.  remove after boiling in the wing rinse off with warm water above the adhesion of blood and drain backup.

Chicken wings

4.  oil 6 into heat, thrown into the garlic pepper and saute ginger. Pour the boiled wings stir fry until golden surface.

Chicken wings

5.  into the coke, not over the wing. And the transferred amount of soy sauce.

Chicken wings

6.  after the fire to boil water to heat the small and medium heat. Finally, can be transferred to salt pan

Chicken wingspeferct

Fishy afraid or sensitive to the smell of chicken must take after frying pot boiled water. Soy sauce can take hold. I was too light color will put a little, did not think, put the color of the place with no difference. Coke’s words. By comparison, Pepsi’s sugar content is higher than Coca-Cola’s sugar content. This can be based on personal preference.

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