Braised chicken with chestnuts


Braised chicken with chestnuts1

Braised chicken with chestnuts, is a genus of northeast Han dishes, dishes, Sichuan Hunan etc.. The main material is bone chicken, chestnut meat. The characteristics of this dish is the spleen and stomach, strong bones and muscles, stop diarrhea. General population can be eaten, the elderly, patients, the frail are more appropriate to eat.
Braised chicken with chestnuts are rich in nutrition, and have a certain effect. The finished product has smooth, sweet, fresh chicken chestnut juice thick mellow, bright red color, elegant features.
Material selection
Net chicken meat 500 grams, 5 grams of salt, 300 grams of chestnut.
Seasoning selection
Pepper 1 grams, sugar 15 grams, 10 grams of pepper, lard 150 grams, 750 grams of soup, onion, ginger each 10 grams, 20 grams of water Qianfen, Shao liquor 15 grams.

Braised chicken with chestnuts
Production steps
1 Chinese chestnut into the boiling pot and cook for 2 minutes remove with warm water, with a knife cut off the roots, stripped shell. Ginger cut onion, cut into sections, fried into sugar sugar juice.
2 net male chicken meat cut into 20 pieces, a pot of pig oil pan, fry chestnut first picked up, Sheng into a bowl. Then chicken with ginger and spring onion, stir fry 2 minutes, add soup, turn into the sugar juice, salt, pepper, pepper Shaofei, skim floating foam, move to a small fire slow burning 40 minutes, chicken soup 100 grams of decanter chestnut into the bowl, cage the chestnut steamed (about half an hour) and remove.
. first chicken amplified central disc, chestnut covered in the above and around the chicken, the chicken sauce into the water Qianfen hook Euryale ferox juice, pour on the chestnut and chicken.

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