Tempeh dace lettuce practices


Lettuce; lobster sauce canned dace a tank; cloves of garlic; soup 2 / 3 cup (instead of usable water and chicken); wet a big spoonful of starch, salt, oil, pepper powder;

dace1  dace

1. dace cut small pieces. Lettuce wash stand. The pot boil water to boil, add a little salt and oil. Add lettuce boiled, remove and drain water into the bowl, sheng. Another pot, add a little oil heat, adding garlic and fry, add chicken broth, bring to the boil, add tempeh and dace, wet starch, stir cream in lettuce.
2. 2 Tips: a lot of fat, glaze already contains ,

A. tempeh dace cans, cooking oil use reduction.
B. lettuce is easily cooked, not boiled.
C. fried vegetables in boiling water, add a little salt and oil, to keep the green vegetables.

3. Tempeh dace lettuce belongs to the enduring innovation of guangdong. Plain simple lettuce and lobster sauce canned dace combined, instantly become mature, gorgeous, afford much food for thought.

Tempeh dace lettuce practices

Tempeh dace lettuce belongs to the enduring innovation of Guangdong. Plain simple lettuce and lobster sauce canned dace combined, instantly become mature, gorgeous, afford much food for thought.

Mangosteen grass sheep pot and Ginger & Scallion pork


Mangosteen grass sheep pot

Material and dosage

Black grass sheep 1000 grams, 500 grams of shoots of bamboo and chrysanthemum dish 500 grams, horseshoe 6, 200 grams of garlic, ginger 200 grams, two pieces of candy, grinding drum sauce, South milk, salt, soy sauce, flavor powder, the amount.


Production and description

(1) the grass sheep cut into small pieces, water. Bamboo shoots dry wash water, cut down oil in wok, fry. Water chestnut slices, chopped ginger, garlic slice. Abutilon tarragon wash. Lamb burst through, shovel.

(2) the resurgence of oil in a wok, put down the ginger, garlic head, grinding soy sauce, South milk fragrant, mutton with saute, then down pieces of sugar, salt, soy sauce, taste powder seasoning.

Mutton2   Mutton3

(3) to use the cooker and dish, with branches, bamboo horse meat with the cooking. The original pot with a small stove with seats, while eating boiled Abutilon tarragon.



Ginger & Scallion pork

Material and dosage

Pork 500 grams, red head meat onions 500 grams, ginger 150 grams, garlic two, flavor powder, wine, pepper, salt, sugar, starch the right amount.

Pig hepar2      Pig hepar3

Production and description

(1) liver cut chunk, with Shaoxing wine, Jiang Rong, pepper, salt, sugar, corn flour mixed with salt. The onion cut into three pieces, peeled and chopped ginger, garlic cut short.

(2) from oil in a wok, explosion chopped fragrant ginger, garlic, onion, add pork liver with saute, spilling wine, pour half bowl of water, adjust taste, add the remaining onion, stamped with braised cook for 7 to 8 minutes they cooked, Euryale ferox dish.

Pig hepar1

Cola Chicken Wings

Material: chicken wings 8, 1 bottles of coke, oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger, aniseed, onion, green onions

Ready for raw materials

1.  In the 1 wing opposite oblique knife a few respectively. The purpose is better and tasty to xuemo.

Chicken wings

2.  pot sitting water, add cold water pot handle wings, and pour some wine, boil the fire.

Chicken wings

3.  remove after boiling in the wing rinse off with warm water above the adhesion of blood and drain backup.

Chicken wings

4.  oil 6 into heat, thrown into the garlic pepper and saute ginger. Pour the boiled wings stir fry until golden surface.

Chicken wings

5.  into the coke, not over the wing. And the transferred amount of soy sauce.

Chicken wings

6.  after the fire to boil water to heat the small and medium heat. Finally, can be transferred to salt pan

Chicken wingspeferct

Fishy afraid or sensitive to the smell of chicken must take after frying pot boiled water. Soy sauce can take hold. I was too light color will put a little, did not think, put the color of the place with no difference. Coke’s words. By comparison, Pepsi’s sugar content is higher than Coca-Cola’s sugar content. This can be based on personal preference.

Crape round hoof and Mapo Tofu

Cape round hoof

“Material and dosage”

Round hoof meat a about 960 grams, South milk, octagonal Liangli, lesser half TSP allspice, flavor powder, soy sauce, salt, sugar, the amount, chrysanthemum dish 500 grams.

“Production and description”

(1) round hoof meat on the leg of the pig. Bought a round hoof meat, skin more than Mao seriously burned scrape, put in boiling water and tumble, picked up soy sauce paint uniform hoof meat (thick meat parts with a knife cut a little, so tasty), down wok boiling oil and fry, dip fried should pay attention to, because of pigskin by boiling oil dip fried, there will be a small part of the boiling oil spill, it is easy to scald the hand. Round hoof meat and fry until golden yellow when picked up.

(2) pour boiling oil, pan under some minced garlic, saute South milk, two bowls of water fall, with soy sauce, miconazole powder, salt, sugar and mix thoroughly, use a clay pot dish juice, down round hoof meat and star anise, five spice powder with a pot stewed with, until round hoof meat enough enthalpy.

(3) chrysanthemum dishes washed, burning cooked pad the bottom of the dish, will have Ren round hoof meat, pour juice, add some sesame oil, crape round feet. Entrance skin, meat, in the cold weather to enjoy is not greasy feeling, but increase the appetite.

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Mapo Tofu

“Production and description”

Ingredient; tofu 400 grams of beef, 50 grams of the end; seasoning: bean paste 30 grams, black bean sauce 20 grams, salt 2 grams, chicken powder 2 grams, soy sauce 15 grams, rice wine 10 grams, garlic 20 grams, broth 300ml, water starch right amount, 30 grams of peanut oil; ingredients: green garlic 30 grams, pepper 1 g, coriander 5 grams.

“Material and dosage”

1.first tofu cut into 2 cm square Ding, put a little salt in the water, cut the tofu in water and soak for 15 minutes, then remove and reserve.

2.frying pan get angry heat, into the amount of peanut oil and fried minced meat, minced meat color in Pixian bean paste and stir fried, stir fried flavor into the lobster sauce, stir fry, after the lobster sauce, stir fry a fragrance, into the minced garlic, stir fried.

3.and then cooked into Yellow Wine fry, fry the above material into the broth boil, then add appropriate amount of soy sauce, seasoning salt,

And then down into the boiled tofu, tofu cook for about 3-5 minutes, then add a little chicken powder, water starch thicken.

4.at this time to side shake the pot side by hand spoon pushes the bottom of the pot, so that the bean curd not to paste pot, when starch completely after gelatinization can be a pot, disc tray after taking advantage of heat evenly sprinkle a layer of pepper, then sprinkle on green garlic and a little parsley, if do not like coriander can not put. This dish so far will be complete with all the operations.


Yuba sticks with carp and Cordyceps stewed ducks

Yuba sticks with carp

“Material and dosage”

Vigorous carp treaty 960 grams, 200 grams of bamboo sticks, pork 300 grams, 50 grams of mushrooms, four garlic, ginger 100 grams, meat, onions 250 grams, salt, sugar and other each a few.

“Production and description”


(1) scrape the scales off the scales and remove the internal organs, wash and rinse with salt. Shoots of bamboo with a dry cloth to wipe clean, cut into sections, fried fragrant, picked up the pad in the bottom of the pot add water to cook; mushrooms soaked; leek, onion rocking! Ginger peeled, chopped.

(2) from oil in a wok, the carp fry both sides of yellow shovel, then under the oil, put ginger, garlic, onion, roast pork saute, pour a little water, scoop up put in the pot Sheng bamboo branches and put down the mushrooms, Fried Carp, transfer good taste, the original pot on the fire to burn to the carp cooked, add cooked oil, original pot on the table.

11 1


Cordyceps stewed ducks

“Production and description”


Cordyceps sinensis 40 grams, a teal, lean meat 150 grams, 20 grams of longan.

“Material and dosage”


The ducks cut open to internal organs, wash 4 pieces, the Cordyceps sinensis, 4 garlic, ginger 100 grams, 250 grams of meat, onion, salt, sugar.

All kinds of materials of the same put Dunzhong, under half cup of boiling water, cover the cup lid, stew about 4 hours, with salt.


Mushroom stewed chicken and Fried pork chop

Mushroom stewed chicken

“Material and dosage”

A chicken only about 2.5 kilograms, mushroom 75 grams, 20 grams of black fungus, red dates 5, the number of pieces of ginger, garlic and two different flavoring amount.

“Production and description”

(1) chicken to internal organs, wash after hanging in the water; mushrooms soaked soft, cut out the hard stem, dry water; White fungus macerate; red dates to go nuclear, cut into small pieces.

(2) in soy sauce evenly coated chicken body, down the oil pan fried until golden brown, add ginger, garlic, spilling wine, fallen two bowls of half water, adjust the taste, adds the mushroom, red dates with grave 20 minutes to take up a chicken, stay cool, cut pieces on the dish. The rest of the cloud ear fungus, add mushrooms in and boil again, adjust the flavor, taste some Coriander, scooped up the straw mushroom with chicken next, add sesame oil, cooked oil, coriander.

4 44



Wafer pork chop

“Material and dosage”

Fresh pork chop, and 25 grams of shrimp, egg yolks, cornstarch, salt, Sugar, flavor, powder,

the amount of them.

“Production and description”


Pork cut into thick pieces, with a knife meat hammer loose and drop in egg yolk, salt, sugar, soy sauce, miconazole powder, Shao liquor, onion velvet etc. mix marinate for 20 minutes after, remove the for starch winners in the flesh, put down the gentle heat oil in a wok fried, fry, oil, fry until both sides were cash yellow shoveling plate, shrimp, fried fragrant, with both sides of the plate, eat with Worcestershire sauce dip eat.


Kung Pao Shrimp and shark’s fin stewed ducks

Kung Pao Shrimp

“Material and dosage”

Shrimp 750 green, pea 1003E egg, white three components one, tablespoon of chestnut powder grams, powder flavor, salt, amount. sugar

“Production and description”

(1) fresh shrimp shell, to pick black sausage, with two tablespoons of sugar, salt and a half spoon to stir until shrimp Chan, to be pickled for 20 minutes wash dry with a cloth water, chicken protein, horseshoe powder, flavor powder, salt, sugar and pepper etc. mix well.

(2) 500 grams of cooked oil, simmer down to just cooked shrimp soak out, pour boiling oil, put the beans. Fall down just cooked flavor sauce, bubble of shrimp, stir fry the dish, Kung Pao Shrimp became.


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Shark’s fin stewed ducks

“Material and dosage”

A big duck, fin 300 grams, 25 grams of ham meat, ginger, onions, etc. the amount of wine.


“Production and description”

 (1) Teal gutted, washed down the boiling water inside the “flying water”, that is picked up soaked in cold water, Lek 1000 (this approach is enable Teal blood sewage as, also could make a good stew soup, refreshing, good taste).

(2) the wing, which is a good wet wing. Onion ginger oil lock, falling water, wet down the wing “simmer”.

(3) pork is cut into several small thick pieces, sliced ham, prepared a big stew, put down the wings, duck, pork and ham, plus 4 slices of ginger, a little wine, and 80% of full water injection, original cup across the boiling stew about 4 hours serve.


Fried pork with bamboo shoots


Fried bamboo shoots

“Material and dosage”

Winter bamboo shoots 650 grams, 5 fresh mushrooms, kelp 500 grams, 100 grams of carrots, peas, small numbe

“Production and description”

(1) to remove the bamboo shoots shell, go to the net and old leather, become tender bamboo shoots meat, cut edge, put boiling water to a rolling boil, drain and cut into small pieces, placed in the oil in a wok fry.

(2) soak mushrooms, wash to the pedicle, filled with bowl, oil, salt and some cooked first.

(3) the meat is washed and cut into two pieces, and each piece of the tape is cut into pieces. Flour mixed with salt.

(4) Landou picked, carrot is ready, all the ingredients to stir fry.

(5) the tape down meat cooked inside the bubble boiling oil drain. Prepare a small bowl of taste after adjusting the pan Qian, then fried into a material.




Taro braised pork stew

“Material and dosage”

Taro 750 grams, 500 grams of pork meat, a South milk, 500 grams of lettuce, two star anise 

“Production and description”

(1) Li Riverside taro, peeled, cut into uniform thickness domino type, deep frying.

(2) belly scraping hair net, under the boiling water and tumble, which picked up evenly down the boiling oil in soy sauce, fried. Be careful when fried, because by boiling oil fried pigskin, splashes of boiling oil. Up until the meat fried until brown, cut into small pieces.

(3) garlic, South milk wok, put down the belly meat stir, down two bowls of water, add star anise and deliberate flavor powder, sugar, salt, soy sauce and cook for a moment. Picked up the belly meat, to be slightly cold, with a large bowl, buckle clamp taro and preserved meat (skin to the bottom of the bowl, namely two pieces of taro folder with a belly meat), such as is all buckle clip, note the southern milk, the original bowl enthalpy stew.

(4) lettuce Cheuk cooked saucer bottom, rou enough enthalpy, the original bowl upside down in lettuce dish, take to the bowl, juice, tune into a thin pour gravy, finally add sesame oil, cooked oil is.